Xeno uses featureOS to centralize product feedback.

featureOS is the central source of collecting and managing customer feedback. Xeno uses featureOS to collect feedback, publish roadmap, and announce product updates, all in one platform.

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How Xeno benefits from using featureOS to centralize customer feedback

Feedback Portal from featureOS

Feature voting board

Xeno gives their customers a single place to vote on features and organize feedback using feature voting feedback boards.

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Product roadmap example from featureOS

Xeno product roadmap

featureOS allows you to publish custom product roadmap. Which is exactly what Xeno does to keep their customers in loop.

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Product release notes portal example from featureOS

Publish Release Notes

Xeno uses featureOS to publish their product changelog. It helps Xeno's customers know what's new.

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Why Xeno trusts featureOS

Updates everyday

We push updates every 24 hours, contributing to hundreds of new features every year to help you manage feedback better.


Nothing escapes the testing team. featureOS goes through a ton of testing before you get to use it. We care about it a lot.

Privacy comes first

It is your right. We do not track any information about you or your customers. featureOS is a safe place for your CX initiatives.

Humane support

You talk to people who can make decisions right then and there for you. No more putting you on hold and making you wait.

What features does Xeno use?

Xeno uses some of the most powerful features of featureOS to collect, organize, and respond to customer feedback.

Team inbox • Post templates • Webhooks • Saved notifications inbox • Fast post creation • Keyboard shortcuts • Command palette • Responsive design • Native integrations • Custom rules • Workflows • Super fast search • Powerful editor • Popup widgets • Dedicated SSO page • Custom branding • Whitelabled emails • Letterbox • Downvote option • Limit number of votes • Priority ratings • Recommended posts • Custom board slugs • Custom OpenGraph image • Drag-drop Kanban Roadmap • Multiple sign-in options • @ mention anywhere • Schedule changelog • Customizable notifications • Saved inbox • Notification archives • 100+ features.

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